Fascination that comes from perfection: that makes us unique. Not only in the fields of automotive and special engineering, but also around the trends of the Future: health-care, lifestyle and ‘ mobility ‘ inspire our designers and technicians right now.

Magic Moment

World premiere! For the first time in history the medals and ribbons shone in gold, silver and bronze at the award ceremonies of the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. The excitement of the gymnasts and spectators in the sold out arena was accordingly great. Kussmaul has succeeded in accommodating light and fibre technology in the smallest possible space. This opens up new perspectives in terms of lighting design, interior lighting or interior design.


The PG-Bugatti-bike stands out as a lightweight in its class. Purist design speaks for the brand. The new development from Bugatti has been agilely driven ahead by muscle power. The stylish urban bike captivates through its simplicity and perfect form. A high-‘light’, which KUSSMAUL has breathed individuality into – it promises a headwind.


Rolls-Royce “ennobles” Kussmaul: As a serial supplier for the Phantom 8, the company manufactures the dashboard, otherwise known as “The Gallery”, consisting of a highly polished aluminium support as well as two delicately lasered and finely brushed stainless steel sheets. Also included in the delivery is the casing for the clock; which is guilloche and silver-plated in the premium version.

Masterpiece of Art

With anodizing on aluminum high-gloss polished embodied the ‘Masterpiece of Art’ shows again all masterful competence areas for interior and exterior trim parts: The highest quality standards in the processing and materials set the bar even higher at the fastest production supercar in the world!


Our strength lies in the competence and experience of the technical realisation of the most demanding tasks. The variety of processed materials makes us your most flexible partner. When it gets complicated, our hour beats.


The invisible bond between art and design kidnapps all viewers into the world of legendary pop-art artist James F. Gill and presents a project of special ‘art’: with technical finesse and flair for the extraordinary the ‘Weinstaedter’ company created a unique piece in honor of the artist. Under the overall management of Bernd Kussmaul GmbH the idiosyncratic foiling was implemented by LEKO-Kommunikation as a unique reference project ‘Made in Weinstadt’.


Through the outsourcing of the manufacturing of the rudders for controlling the direction of zeppelins, Kußmaul GmbH became the “extended workbench” of ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Friedrichshafen. In a certified supply chain with aeronautics approval, a toothed wheel joint with a tooth clearance of under 0.02 mm was manufactured.


In the lattice roller developed for the production of contact lenses, Kussmaul combined technology and elegance in a 14-step manufacturing process to produce a highly-precise masterpiece. With a 0.02 mm precision in terms of form and position over a length of 630 mm, the fulfilment requirements of the narrow tolerance range for the rejection rate of contact lens production was reduced by 23 percent.


If experience meets passion, crafts to art and ideas become the product, then it becomes perfect. As soon as people have a common goal with the sense of the extraordinary, something new is created.


The Hydration Cube, a cleaning station for daily contact lenses, is the first series 3D printed item produced by Kußmaul. The reduction of what was previously 200 parts to nine printed plastic parts lowers production standstills for repairs from 30 minutes to just three. In addition, the new clip system stops the lenses from falling out of the Cube during cleaning.


Garia, the Danish manufacturer of premium golf carts, has created a special golf cart edition in cooperation with the German technology company Bernd Kußmaul GmbH, which creates new possibilities for the individualization area of Garia. The premium special features will be added to the GARIA product range at the end of 2015, as well as the vehicle concept available around the world via GARIA and Kussmaul.


DIEHL Aircabin/Laupheim ordered the design team of Bernd Kussmaul GmbH in their DIANA-design-project for design and basic development of an innovative baby bassinet. In close cooperation with DIEHL an integrative and novel concept was styled as well as finally shown in a mock-up model. Among other things the multilayered textile covers support the space saving key note of the lightweight concept.


Projects such as the dividing walls for the assembly hall of the Harro Hoefliger GmbH demonstrate the particular strength and innovation of Bernd Kussmaul GmbH. In close cooperation their specialists for design, development and technology have invented a flexible system in lightweight construction which is consistently adapted to the corporate customer’s design. The individual elements provide privacy, are assembled without tools and are equipped with an innovative connection system. On request the system can be made with a canopy.