Whether prototype, unique or small series — with quality awareness and passion, we develop and control handmade single pieces or complex series productions with our network of manufacturing specialists. A partnership and long-term customer relationship is important to us — we will do everything we can to maintain these values in confidence and are always open to communicative exchange.


We guide your product idea from the design through to the realization, here the greatest innovative strength lies in the optimization and new interpretation of standard solutions. “Design by KUSSMAUL” represents an interdisciplinary cooperation of design, engineering and handicraft. From the first idea, we create manufacturing concepts, as well as design samples and specimens so that we can evaluate their visual and commercial characteristics – when something is well designed, less is more. That makes us unique.


We create technical excellence with precision and dynamism. We are an internationally active technology company with 40 employees. Our project teams, working alongside our network partners, develop and manage challenging manufacturing processes. Where others flounder, we are only just getting started. With our expertise, we can advise our customers with regards to technical questions and develop joint, technologically high-quality complete solutions. In doing so, we are always one idea ahead and always better than the competition.


We are specialized in individual manufacturing solutions for niche products, small series and prototypes with highly technical demands. When it gets complicated, that’s our time to shine. We love working with raw materials and traditional craftsmanship. We reinterpret the traditional. Craftsmanship is fused with modern manufacturing technology. From standard products to the more unusual, we work with finesse. Elegant luxury sports cars, yacht and jet interiors or even unique lifestyle products have our personal touch. Manufacturing is a skill which has to be learnt.